May 31, 2008

Rajiv Dikshit Real opinion

Azaadi Bachao Anadolan has drawn a wide and detailed plan to
prevent our people being enslaved by the multinational companies and also
to make them Swadeshi's- Self sufficient. According to this plan, the economy,
Agriculture, education, health & hygiene, politics, law & justice and public
administration in our company need to revamped wholly to suit the needs of
our country, our people and our culture. This is a very important goal of the
ABA . (translated literally in english as save freedom movement).

The National spokeman of this movement Sri Rajiv Dikshit has in the press
briefing stated about the plan details and motives of the movement. Sri Rajiv
is clear when he states that for our country's economy to become self sufficient
or swadeshi, it has inevitably to generate the available large financial investments
within the country rather than extend the begging bowl outside the country. To
tab the domestic finance, many measures have to be undertaken. In the first
place, the ill-gotten wealth of about 300 million dollars that have been stacked in
the lockers of the swiss banks by our politicians have to be nationalized. This
wealth would be helpful in our economic reconstruction. Initially, the income tax
act would have to be banned for 10 years after which slowly and steadily it has
to be done away with. By doing this, not only the black money that lies in the
cold crevices of the chests of the rich will start flooding the market, but the
economy of the nation will begin to prosper too. For a nation's economy to be
self sufficient, it needs to encourage domestic savings. The unrealistic chasm that
exists between the dollar and the rupee is unjust to say the least. This gross
under valuation of our currency is a fraud enacted by America on us and it is
high time we revalue our currency.

Besides, for the economy to become swadesi, we have to boycott products of
marginal or zero technology manufactured by multinational companies.
Nevertheless, wherever indigenous technology is not available, foreign know-
how may be borrowed, but again it has to be fine tuned to our needs and
situations. Further more, our external debt situation whould be reviewed;
because as a result of gross and mindless devaluation of the rupee, we have paid
many times more than the amount we are required to pay.

Azaadi Bachao Andolan has introduced a trademark of self-respect.
SVAANAND, principally to encourage indigenous small scale, tiny and medium
industries. The swadeshi companies that get this trademark need not spend huge
amounts on advertising. The svaanand committee of experts will render
wholesome help to thise indigenous companies which need to bruce up their
quality. This notwithstanding, Swadeshi shops are proposed to be setup all
over the country to make available swadeshi products. By this not only are the
swadeshi products made available to the public, but their distribution is speeded
up and the economy of the nation will be strengthened too says Rajeev Dikshit
Swadesi in agriculture signifies the usage of bio-fertilizers as manure and
indigenous pesticides in the place of Chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Intensive research undertaken by the movement establishes the fact that a kilo
of dung yields 30kgs of nutritious and healthy crop; a small amount of the urine
of the cow and neem not only is an effective pesticide but also increases crop
produce. The workers of the movement will travel the length and breadth of the
country to make the Indian farmer aware of the efficacy of the swadeshi fertilizer
and pesticide and also to make him self-reliant. The movement also proposes to
engage itself in the renovation of ponds, lakes and water holes, so as to preserve
the precious water resources in the country. This mammoth task of preserving the
water above the ground, as also the ground water has to be done only through
the cooperation of the people.

Another prime objective of the movement according to Sri.Dikshit is to increase
the dwindling production of indigenous seed varieties and to make them
available to the farmer easily. The movement would also work towards affores-
tation. Specific emphasis would be laid to the planting of medical trees like neem,
peepul, banyan mango, Amla Etc., and preserving them. Plans have been drawn
to desit the rivers and use the silt as natural fertilizers. By doing this, not only the
agricultural produce is increased, but also as a result of the increase in the depth
of the rivers, the dangers due to floods would also be considerably decreased.

The Macalauy syllabi of education smacks of the slave-mindset and it needs to
be revamped at all levels to suit the needs of our nation and our culture. Basic
Research in any sphere has to be sensitive to the needs of our country and the
needs of our people. Besides, the results of the findings of these basic research
has to be made available to the common man and his understanding. The goal
of the movement is to extent such researchers in the field of technology too.
The History that is being taught in our educational institution is guilty to many a
fault, due to the mischief of our erstwhile white masters. Hence, our history has
to be rewritten with truth as the motive. Maths, Geography, Botany, Chemistry,
Social Science, Political Science-all these fields have to be liberated from the
paranoid western influence, a reorientation and review given to them. All these
have been explained in the press briefing.

To indigenise the departments of law and justice, all the Acts Rules and
regulations enacted by the English have to be cast away. The Government
of India Act 1935 emacted by the British needs to be binned right away. Section
such as IPC, CRPC, CPC rather than being helpful in administering justice
become real hurdles in its way. Laws Acts, Rules and regulations that were
enacted by the British to further their intention of enslaving us have to be
thrown overboard and newer once have to enacted keeping in mind the needs,
aspirations and conditions of our people. This is an important goal of the
movement. Larger autonomy and greater decentralization or powers viz;
empowering the states in a better way is the refrain of the movement. Justice,
says Sri Dikshit should not get enmeshed in the dark labyrinths of arguements
and counter arguements: rather it should shine forth in a somple and quicker
manner. The basic premise is that the Judicial frame work should be based upon
justice and not on rules, regulation and law.

Speaking about health and hygeine, Sri Dikshit remarked that only about 33% of
the people living in our country have the wherewithal to buy various medicines;
and for the remaining 67% such techniques like Acupressure, Yoga pranayama
that can be practiced at home would be propogated and the benefits explained
thereof. The workers of the movement having adequate knowledge of the above
techniques would reside in the conglomeration of say 10 or 15 villages and
help the villagers to attain self-sufficiency in the field of health and hygeine.

The political structure should be made swadeshi and this is a important goal of
Sri Dikshit. He is of the firm conviction the present dispensation of decision -
making has to be done away with. The decisions being taken by the parliament
today have to be actually taken by the village councils or gram sabhas. Issues
relating to be development of the people have to be best left to the people
themselves. National welfare lies in such a decision making process. As a
result of this there would be no real need for the various ministries of the central
Government. External affairs, Finance, Defence may be the only ministries
left with centre. The rest of the ministires ought to function at the state or district
level. How wonderful it would be and how useful would it would be if an
agriculture or industries ministry were to function at the district level.

Azaadi Bachao Andolan, has been airing such views many times in the past. The
ballot should empower the voter with a choice for not only the cancellation
of his vote but also a choice for him to recall the elected representative. There is
no need for political parties at all is the refrain of the movement. Contestants
should face the elections on their own on not as a party representative. Village,
municipality, District, State, Centre - at all these levels, elections should be held
on the basis of individual contestant; ultimately the right to make the final decision
should lie on the shoulders of the village representative - this is the aim of the

Signing agreements and treaties like GATT, Patents, CTBT are not in India's
interests. Hence they should not be ratified by India. Instead of entering into such
self-destructive treaties, Indian should indulge in positive engagements and
enter into agreements with neighbouring countries to increase bilateral trade.
Besides the USA European nations we should establish and strengthen our
traditional ties with countries like Lanka, Burma, Mangolia etc. Shri.Rajiv
Dikshit exuded supreme confidence about the fact that given the present pace of
indigenisation-establishing of Swadeshi - in all the above said spheres, 20 to 25
years in to the future, the goal of the movement would be attained.

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