May 31, 2008


The chemical pesticides have done unimaginable damage to our agriculture. At present, farmers spend almost 20000 crores of Rupees for chemical pesticides & fertilizers. So farmers are ruined and many farmers have to commit suicide. Chemical pesticides spoil the land and decrease the yield in long range. The vegetables and fruits containing pesticides are responsible to create diseases like cancer. So people have to incur lot of expenses for medicines and doctors. This way, farmers and people of India have been trapped into this poisonous vicious circle. Aazadi Bachao Andolan desires to break this poisonous vicious circle by adopting localization of agriculture. This is not hard at all. It is easy to produce domestically natural pesticides from various herbs and shrubs and trees at almost no cost. Enough propaganda of making such natural pesticides is necessary. Farmers can save themselves from the heavy exploitation of pesticides business by making natural pesticides by themselves. Farmers can save their land from spoiling and farmers can save the entire population from the cancer which is generated by eating vegetables, fruits, pulses and grain containing pesticides.

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