April 7, 2008




In 1986 we had started boycott campaign against Union Carbide of America. We got sucess in 1991 when this company had left Bharat. In this fight against Union Carbide, we had also filed a public interest petetion in the Supreme Court which is still pending. Only we got partial Relief in form of compensation to the victims of Bhopal.


From 1986 to 1994 we had stopped the Government of India to sign GATT Agreement with the help of a public interest petetion in Uttar-Pradesh High Court. But by the intervention of Supreme Court the Government signed the GATT Agreement on 15th December 1994.


We Started a very sucessful fight against PEPSI-COLA & COCA-COLA in 1997. In this Fight we have won 2 cases against Pepsi & Coke in the High Court of Rajasthan & Supreme Court of India. In this fight we have proved scientifically the Pepsi & Coke as slow poison. We have Proved also these soft drinks as Toilet Cleaner & Pesticides. Due to this campaign the sales of soft drinks in India has been reduced upto 70%.


We have stopped the Publications of 4 Vulgar & Obscene Magazines.


In 1994 we started a sucessful fight against a Liquior Company of America. In Rajasthan there is a holy place known as TIZARA. The Governtment of Rajasthan had signed MOU with an American company WILSON in 1993. We had filed a public interest petetion in Rajasthan high court in 1993 and we got a judgement in favour of us. After that this company had left India.


After this globalisation & liberlisation policy hundreds of foreign company have entered India via Mauritious route to save income tax & corporate tax. We fought against these companies in the High Court of Delhi & Supreme Court & we got a judgement in favour of us.


Since 1997 we are trying to promote Swadeshi products in place of Foreign products. Day by Day the sales of Swadeshi products are going up & sales of Foreign products are going down, due to this campaign. Since last three years the Balance Sheets of Foreign companies are showing negative results, in FMCG Sector (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Since 1997 more than 1 crores Indian citizens have taken the pledge to boycott foreign products of FMCG Sector & other Zero technology products.


We are fighting against the misleading advertisements of Foreign Companies. we have filed 70 cases in different High Courts & Lower Courts against UNI-LEVER, COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, JOHNSON & JOHNSON etc. some case are still pending & in some other cases we got favourable judgements.


Since 2000 we are promoting organic farming in 13 States (MAHARASTRA, GUJARAT, RAJASTHAN, ANDHRA PRADESH, KARNATAKA, KERLA, TAMIL NADU, MADHYA PRADESH, CHHATISHGARH, JHRAKHANDA, PUNJAB, HARAYANA & UTTAR PRADESH). Uptill now we are doing this organic farming in 70,000 hectares.


Since 2002 we are trying to generate employment in rural areas. We are motivating unemployed youths to start Small Scale Units of making BATH SOAPS, DETERGENT POWDER, DANT-MANJAN, ORGANIC SHAMPOO & some 40 other products. Also we are trying to produce KHADI in our villages where Cotton is available. Uptill now we have promoted 118 Small Scale Swadeshi production units & Swadeshi Bhandar.


  1. This is great thing Vinod. I too recently came across this movement and found it the only way to save my country. I too want to contribute.I am also turning swadeshi day by day. I have removed the softdrinks and zero-technology foreign products from my life. Who so ever is reading this comment, i appeal them all "Swadeshi apnao desh ko bachao" . stop using unilver products , pepsi , coca-cola. Save the money drain from the country.

  2. do we have any struggle against the Nulcear power plants set up in India with Foreign aid. It is the Land Acquisition act started by the British in 1824 that is used till date to steal away land from Farmers and use it for Public efforts. But the Nuclear story is different. I learnt about the agitation in Jaitapur Ratnagiri and its very sad that the COngress seeks to force the farmers and fishermen to abandon their living. And that too in a so serene place . And who is going to use the power from a nuclear plant when it will be sold 5 times the coal-power. I see it as a sure means to destroy agriculture in India. British destroyed cows and animal-husbandry so that agriculture can be ruined; now congress is uprooting the farmers. And the farmers have to fight on their own. If we wait and do nothing one day the Sonia ASS is going to come to our homes to shit in the name of Law. Let me know if this anti-nuclear movement is supported by Rajiv and I will surely join. I am in Atlanta, US and may take me a month to fly back. But take my word and I will come to help in whatever way i can.