February 23, 2010

Meet Rajiv Dixit

Did you listen the lectures of Shri Rajiv Dixit and want to meet him. . How can it possible. In this modern age, everything is possible. I have received large number of queries in my database (Contact me) which I have kept in Google Docs. Google Docs can easily collaborate with email of other person. With this every message, you want to send Rajiv Dixit. It  will be opened by Rajiv Dixit due to becoming my collaborator. If Rajiv Dixit wants to write in this blog, then this blog says him welcome. Because, this blog is on BlogSpot. So, it is very easy that two more writer can write any one blog. Many more things, I want to share but, one thing, I want to tell that soon you meet Rajiv Dixit.


  1. My dear Rajiv Ji, 24.2.2010

    I have listened to your lectures on Health you had delivered in Chennai in 2007. All these are really very good. You are really a very great man. You have command over almost all subjects like History, Chemistry, Economics, Accountancy, Medical - Ayurved, Homeopathy and Allopathy, Geography, etc. You can present and bring home your point very logically and with solid facts and figures. I and my family have started following principles of Shri Vaagbhatt Maharshi as explained by you. We have also adopted Be Indian Buy Indian principle.
    May you also live for at least 135 Years and continue to serve mother India.
    I have few querries and I will write to you later in this connection.

    Tarun V. Kotak
    A-46 Ground Floor,
    SouthCity - 2,
    Sohna Road,
    Gurgaon - 122018.

  2. your prospective of watching things clearly reveals that you are a science student
    but can you please make us available proofs or documents of your researches

    not for our conformation
    actually preparing for ias

  3. Aap desh ke sabse bade swabhimani hai. bas josh bhariye ha aapke saath hai

  4. Hai Rajivji !

    You are really a great patriot. You are really Chanakya reborn, Keep it up. We are with you.

    Gangadharan Nair.

  5. rajivji aap to mahan hain.aap akele nahi hain sare hindusthan ki garib janata apke sath hain.

    aap jo etana achaa lecture dete hai or jo desh ki sachai batate hai to mera khoon khol uthata hai.jo bhi lecture sunta hai uske man main desh prem ki bhavna jag jati hain.
    bas aap apne lecture ki cd banade or net par bhi download kare
    ek sacha desh premi prasad joshi

  6. rajiv ji,
    param shraddhey swami ji to PM post lenge hi nahi to mai iss foram ke maadhaym se logo se apeel karta hoo ki lo ab rajiv ji ko prime minister of India 2015 ke taur pe dekhe. Bolo mitro kya ham iss issue par discuss kyo naa kare ki rajiv ji ko PM banna hi chahiye.

  7. jaihind Rajiv ji,
    i want to work 4 your organisation , i am from odisha, if possible i want to meet you or talk to u on phone or chat on net. plz help me my e-mail id is s.psashikanta@gmail.com

  8. Rajiv ji, NAMASKAR
    I am ABHISHEK MITTAL student of NIT, RAipur {C.G.). I m really mesmerized to listen all your lectures of about more than 35 lectures of about 50 mins each. It really made a brainwash of my mind and cleared a lot of disbelief about INDIA.
    Mahoady, I want to invite you for a lecture in our INSTITUTE. Please sir If it is possible for you to come to our INSTITUTE, May I know how can you contact you. It will be an honour and privilege for us to have you in our institute.

    Abhishek Mittal
    {Core Member Training and Placement NIT Raipur)
    contact: 09300665963

  9. dushyant chaudharyMay 16, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    Shri Rajeev Dixit ji
    hum sab aapke saath hai...jai hind

  10. poojya rajivji,
    Pranam, you are not only todays gandhiji but also subashji .so subashji demanded blood for freedom what you want blood or something more .what ever you ask i'll definitely ready to give you.i have completd my study .i am a 3d animator ,i got select in DQ entertainment pvt. ltd. but waiting for joining since 6 months . In between i am continuously collecting yours speeches ,punyatma swami ji ke or sri sri ravi sankar ji ke.i left drinking cold drinks from foreign company ,and trying to leave gradually all the foreign products and convincing people also to do so.also giving awareness to my surrounding people to avoid use polythene ,planting trees .
    Now i am humbely asking you that could i do something for you directly . and another Q is if i am work with bst am i able to earn something that 'll help to support my family.i have also completed my diploma in etc& tc . i am a good actor and good singer and also a good speaker,i use to take session in Vivekananda Kendra at Berhampur.so rajivji among this any of work related thing you can give me any of the work or idea what to do .
    yours obediently,
    rakeshmani pr. sahu
    odisha ,berhampur.

    now staying at hyderabad since 2 years. my e-mail -rakeshmanisahu@gmail.com

  11. All of us in our family feel proud to have you as a fellow country man for the deeply imbedded patriotism within you and also an extraordinary analytical mind to see through the criminal intentions of our politicians. But I have a question
    In your earlier speeches you have pointed out ZEE TV is a company which has 51% of share held by USA. Has the status changed since then? Because we have seen Mr. Subhash Chandra , the owner of ZEE TV become a trustee of Bharat Swabhiman.

  12. respected sir,om
    mai bas itne hi kahoni iss desh ke agle P.M. keval app aur app ko hi hona chahiye tabhi yeh desh punarsthapita ho sakega aur mai aap ki teaching ko jaada se jaada logo tak pahunchane ka prayas kar rahi hoon. jai hind.

  13. What a sad news we heard on Aastha today (30/11/10), Rajivji is no more with us! We watched his recorded program with Baba Ramdevji sitting beside him.

    D. Das

  14. From where we will get another Rajiv dixit???
    I think, We have to walk on his ideal path what he had shown to us for BHARAT SWABHIMAN...
    To change the world, we need to change ourself first.
    Lets try to make ideal INDIA and try for INDIAN real Independance as per Dixitji's defination

    Jay hind.....

    Nachiket Patel
    (a person who is trying to be a real Indian)

  15. Greatest patriot since independence...