September 2, 2009

Biography Of Rajiv Dixit

Rajiv Dixit was India's great personality and It was one of Indian who deserved for calling True Indian Revolutionary and Patriotic .

I am thinking from long time to write the biography of Shri Rajiv Dixit .

Rajiv Dixit who was struggling past 20 years against multinational companies and want to protect Indian freedom . He was born in Allahabad (UP ) and belongs to freedom fighters family . He loved great Indian freedom fighters Bhagat Singh , Chandershakher Ajad , Subash Chander boss , Mahatma Gandhi and other all freedom fighters of Indian from his childhood . He was also Indian scientist and very few people knows that he has worked with APJ Abdul KALAM . He did his Phd in France in Science subject. But he never used Dr. as his sur name. He also worked in France as scientist in telecommunication sector .

Practical Works for India

From last 15 years , he was awaring Indian people that learn from Indian past history and never again repeat history of Indian slavery . In India , there are 8000 MNC who are starting to cover India and Indian hard earning is being sent by them to their country. He started SWADESH MOVEMENT , protect your freedom movement , Use Indian product movement .
He won the fight with Coca cola , Pepsi and other soft drinks . He proved that all these soft drinks have poison and never drink them .
In this fight , he went to jail , high court , supreme court , All Indian Library for getting research work .

His Lectures

His lectures are fully proofed with true and logical data and facts . I think , he slept only 3 to 4 hours and spent his day and night for serving his motherland India . He was also Secretary of Bharat Swabhiman Trust. Now, Rajiv's Physical Body has absorbed in five elements of nature on 30th Nov. 2010. But invisible form Like other Krantikari, Rajiv Dixit's soul is near Us forever.

Qualities of Rajiv Dixit

  1. Bravery
  2. Intelligent
  3. Dedication and devotion to Motherland
  4. Work for Mission by taking it as challenge
  5. Team spirit
  6. Supporter of Poor and needy Indian
  7. Spiritual
  8. patriotism
  9. Co -operation and Co - ordination
  10. Awareness about good health
  11. Self - Independence
  12. Tolerance power
  13. Lover of Mother Tongue
  14. Feeling of generosity for others
  15. Kindness

Rajiv Dixit was speaking in Press

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