June 10, 2008

Do you know about revolution ?

Dear friends ,
Do you know about revolution ?
Revolution means to rise for his rights . When some people dictates other and think that they can easily order to others . These persons are like cruel persons . I hate them . Love for mother land is real love .Any body who does not love his mother land , that man is like a dead man . This category is best for that person . This is my personal thinking that if you will love your country other country’s people will have to love you . Because every body knows your character . Our great freedom fighter bhagat singh , chander shakher ajad , udam singh etc , we can never forget them because they sacrifice their life for our happiness .If I will chance in my life , I will do to work any for my name in category of shahid . The shahid is hindi world , it means martyr . Revolution gives new light to whole world . It gives us power to do something . It brings new ideas in our mind . Fight for right is main element of revolution . I love revolution .

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