June 9, 2008

Rajiv dikshit Thinking on freedom

Today , Rajiv dikshit is the freedom fighter of India. His thinking on freedom and protection is very clear . I listened his several lectures . He is very intelligent person . He says that all the multinational companies are very harmful for Indian economy. Even all developing countries are facing the bad effect of their domestic business due to mnc business in their country. But Brazil is a country which has carried a resolution in his economy. Brazil 's prime minister said the slogan that all mnc must go from their country .He also said that without globalisation , we can easily develop our economy. This is truth and Brazil has now developed . So other developing country should learn the lesson from Brazil .We are the market giver to all mnc , so do not buy from mnc but buy from our domestic business man so that we should give the employment to business.


  1. what he says needs a closer look with facts proving the thoughts. if its found to be true, why should it not be given a try by all ?

  2. He should immediately be made a Member of Rajya Sabha so that he can take initiative in implementing his ideas through the corridors of power. At the same time, his point of view will remain recorded in the parliamentary documents for future reference.

  3. Some more links on Rajiv dixit audio collections :