June 8, 2008

Effects of Smoking

As a matter of fact, we all know about the ill-effects of cigarette smoke and tobacco use but a smoker really is helpless in front of this menacing addiction. When he has to, he 'will' smoke; the underlying psychology is ‘A fag allows a man’. The ‘Will’ is associated with the short term effects. Let us see the quick-effects of a cigarette smoke that makes a man physically and mentally dependent on it. These immediate effects encourage a smoker to take a fag;
Nervous system and brain activities are quickened for few minutes by the stimulation caused by smoke.
One cigarette quickly increases blood pressure and heart beat rate. At the same time blood flow to the body’s end points is reduced giving numbness to the areas like fingers and toes.
Hunger, taste and olfactory senses are weakened.
Dizziness is also experienced in many cases.
While the smokers enjoy the short term effects, what about the long-term affects which, most of the time, are irreversible? Smoke actually increases the risk of suffering from life-threatening diseases even if a person quits in the later years of his life. Of course, quitting would at least help to diminish the evil effects of tobacco. Smoking has a permanent effect on the following parts of a human body even if you have smoked for only five years;
Urinary tract,
Sex organs,
Women's fertility zone,
Men's sperm production,
Digestive organs,
Bones and joints,
The intensity of the irreversible effects of smoke depends on certain factors;
The quantity of cigarette smoke per day;
How old was he when he started smoking;
Number of years a person has smoked;
Level of resistance to the tobacco chemicals;

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