June 5, 2008

environment and its safeguard

Today is world environment day .In this day whole world take resolution to protect environment .There are several points which I want to write because these points are the main causes of our environment pollution .If you think to save our environment then it is your duty to care of these points .
*Our whole world is polluted from industry waste and iprndustry adds his waste either in water or in earth, this waste is polluting our environment.
* There are black clouds of electronics goods like computer and dead mobile waste which are more dangerous to all the living beings of world * Our ozone layer is in danger because our air conditioner’s gases are the main cause of cutting this layer .After whole layer when no more then we can not live more .
*After increasing urbanization and converting village into cities, a large number of birds and animals are decreasing day by day.
*Increasing of carbon dioxide is main cause of increasing the temperature of environment.
What can we do as individual?
Dear danger on environment means danger on your independence. If you want to feel free or independent then you will have to protect your environment which is very simple. Plant one tree in your whole life. Help and donate for developing of vanishing birds, plants, and animals. Believe in simple living. You are human being , you are the responsible for pollution then take resolution for improving this pitiable environment . As Indian , I request to whole world to stop the use of plastic bags and other plastic goods .Because it is not dead able .

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