May 11, 2009

70 million people of India suffering from the disease: Dixit

Gurgaon, awareness dialogue Center: Mission of Swadeshi Jagran renowned thinker and national president Rajiv Dikshit said that the country is getting sick, unless the country by then the disease will not get away with all-round development of the matter can not be.
That they live yoga guru Swami Ramdev Maharaj Sanidhy Trust set up in India's first self-provincial conference addressing workers at the community building Sukrali said on Sunday. He said that the country counts on the right path of development have to get disease-free India's first building will be. Today Daybitij five million people, 12 million people asthma, asthma, knee pain of 17 million people, including a variety of problems are facing. Millions of people die every year from cancer is going on.
On the strength of the agricultural system in the country, Rajiv Dixit said 35 million hectares is arable land. Only seven to eight million hectares are cultivated on land. Arable land is cultivated. Need to plan for it.
Many people put the idea in the conference. On this occasion the singer Narendra Vshisht Bjnon given by Sman dam.

India on the occasion of the provincial self-trust charge Rakesh Mittal, President Trilokchand Sharma, Dinesh Nagpal, vice-chairman of the board Ptnjli yoga, Press Secretary Knhayalal Arya, Satish Grover, Pramod Sluja, Jitendra Sukrali, Jean Mangala Laxman and Diwan, etc. were present.

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