August 30, 2009

Azadi Bachao Andolan and double taxation

Question :

Dear Sir ,

I am an academic from New Zealand conducting research about FDI into India and in particular the use of companies in Mauritius to avoid having to pay taxation in India on this investment. I know that Azadi Bachao Andolan has been leading the fight in opposing the double taxation agreement that makes this possible. I would very much like to come and speak to someone from ABA about this. Also, please inform me of other interested organisations that are campaigning about this.

best wishes

Dr Douglas

HillUniversity of Otago

Answer :

Dear Dr Douglas ( HillUniversity of Otago )
Ajadi bachao andolan is against taxation system . We prefer donation system which should be taken by govt. for all welfare activities in India . If you want to talk ABA , then most welcome .

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  1. i have gone through so many articles and listen to many audios of ajadi bachao andolan plz help me to be a member of your organisation . i am from odisha , if possible plz give me some address in odisha so that i can have an association and act... Regards