September 1, 2009

Introduction of Earth matter foundation

Earth matter foundation is the huge organisation who is working for protecting environment . It is doing work for awaring people about what is the importance of different birds , animals in our life and how can we protect it . It is operating a TV programme in DD one channel from many years . I love this programme because in this , it provide me the knowledge of different creature of world and know their pitiable situation .

you can also contact for providing your contribution in this great work at following address

AddressC - 18, Chirag Enclave,New Delhi 110048India. Phone No:91-11-26410684,
This foundation has been screening our films on Wildlife and also episodes of our 104 films series called ‘Earth Matters’ which was made in collaboration with Doordarshan at various schools, colleges and other locations.
Its achievements
  • Brought Legislation in India (2001) where in the slaughter of Whale Sharks was banned. They were declared protected under the Indian Wildlife Act 1972.
  • Fishermen off the Gujarat coast were motivated to stop killing the Whale Sharks.
    Played a crucial role in the Global Conservation of the Whale Sharks at CITES 2002.

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