January 28, 2010

Struggle against the Nulcear Power Plants

For full protection of India, we should struggle against the Nulcear power plants set up in India with Foreign aid. It is the Land Acquisition act started by the British in 1824 that is used till date to steal away land from Farmers and use it for Public efforts. But the Nuclear story is different. I learnt about the agitation in Jaitapur Ratnagiri and its very sad that the Congress seeks to force the farmers and fishermen to abandon their living. And that too in a so serene place . And who is going to use the power from a nuclear plant when it will be sold 5 times the coal-power. I see it as a sure means to destroy agriculture in India. British destroyed cows and animal-husbandry so that agriculture can be ruined; now congress is uprooting the farmers. And the farmers have to fight on their own. If we wait and do nothing one day the Sonia ASS is going to come to our homes to shit in the name of Law. Let me know if this anti-nuclear movement is supported by Rajiv and I will surely join. I am in Atlanta, US and may take me a month to fly back. But take my word and I will come to help in whatever way i can.

Thanks Abhijit   for telling a very important issue by commenting on "Protect your freedom". Dear Abhijit, Ajadi bacho andolan ( Protect your freedom movement ) includes all thing which are related to India, its freedom, protection from mnc, protection of animals, protection of India from bad policies and decisions of political parties. So, come and join in Protect your freedom, see its members detail here.

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