February 4, 2010

Rajiv Dixit Says,"We are very ashamed of Manmohan Singh is India's Prime-minister."

In following Hindi Video, Rajiv Dixit says," We are very ashamed of Manmohan Singh is India's Prime-minister ( हमें बहुत शर्म है के आप भारत के परधानमंत्री है) . He did not leave his mental slavery after independence. There is no difference to you and other well educated Indian who is insulting India in foreign country by saying that English people had developed India."

Comment of Rajiv Dixit on following statement

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh receives the Doctor of Civil Law degree during a special honorary degree presentation ceremony, held inside the 15th century Divinity School at Oxford University, London

Rajiv dixit says," Just for getting false degree, you are insulting India. This degree have zero value in this world."

Actually, Rajiv Dixit listened whole lecture of Prime minister from BBC News channel. In this lecture, PM was insulting India by saying that all development was brought by English people. If they would not come India, education, technology and other development would not possible. He was totally saying lie.

Rajiv Dixit sent him one letter with 250 documents in this documents he proved that India was more developed before coming of English People and after coming of English people, they carried everything from India. So, Rajiv Dixit has demanded that  PM should feel sorry from Indian people for wrong lecture.


  1. Puppet Singh is nothing but an American agent. Just see what he is remembered for ie; Liberalization which is brining American and British Companies in India.

    Indians learned nothing from their slavery by East India Company.

  2. Its the puppet singh who is under the control of Sonia. She is a british pi*p and we are still being ruled by the brits. Its a pity that the stupid indian people watsh bullshit on the TV and these political fcks rape the country.