March 30, 2008

First topic -interoduction of protect your freedom Online Magazine

Welcome in my first Edition of my online magazine 'Protect your freedom ' . This is the basic right of every human being . We got freedom after a hard struggle .I am talking about the freedom history of India. Approximate one lakh fifty thousand freedom fighter gave martyrdom for Freedom of India .Because with Freedom we can not learn or get correct and pure knowledge.Freedom fighter like Ram persad bismil , Ashfak ulah khan , Udam Singh , Bhagat singh , Chander shakhar Ajad and Subash chander Boss are the main freefighter which can be count on fingers .But there are a large no. of freedom fighter which sacrificed for our nation , why are we forgetting them only for some money , only for some status. This is not good . Because freedom is like blood and with blood we can not live . So , Save our country with those companies or persons who wants to make economic dependant country . Here you must know economic dependant country is country which is dependent on other country in sense of economic level .I feel that we need more freedom fighter for complete independence today . India is country which believe in calm but if any body will fight with us then we will also fight with him and then we can easily cut the chain of salvage .

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