April 17, 2009

Answer of Questions relating to Rajiv Dikshit

Question : 1

I am Darshan. I would like u to send me Rajiv Dikshit's contact information. Please don't ignore this mail. I would like to contribute to this campaign i have heard his lectures. Hoping to hear from you.


Thanks Darshan for your interest for contributing in the spirit and protection of India . Because of some security reason , we are not publishing his contact information in this blog . But , if you want to get any information . You are welcome . Because , this is public blog and your message is also delivered to Rajiv Dikshit . In future , we will inform to you for your contribution for India.
Again thanks

Question : 2

I love Rajiv diskshit lecture and i want 40 hr video cd made by mr rajiv dikshit lecture how can i get it please infrom me how can i get please suggest me

Answer :

Thanks for love with lecture of Rajiv dikshit because he says only truth about India and Indian . If you want but his CDs and Video CDs . Soon we open a shop store in this blog . For this we are deciding what will the way of tranfering price of CDs and VCDs . If you have any idea please tell us .


  1. i think rajiv dikshit is better in politics. when
    rajiv dikshit go into politics and make the prime
    minister of india that garrantyeied that become the most popular state. I reqest to reques to
    rajiv dikshit that to go in politics.

    posted by avinash kumar

  2. jinko bhi vedio chayiye wo iss id par contact kare........ dolly.dubey67@gmail.com

  3. राजीव जी को कुछ कॉलेज में जा कर भी भाषण देना चाहिए|
    में NITK, Surthkal का स्टुडेंट हु|