June 9, 2009

One follower wants Shri Rajeev Dikshit's email address


I wanted to know the email id of Sri. Rajeev Dikshit.
Even I'm one of the million followers of his ideas.
Thank you,
-Suhas H.V.

Answer :


This is public blog not only Rajiv Dikshit but every true Indian who love India . Yes , It is true that Rajeev Dishit is pure Indian who loves India . so , there is no need to any email id because what you will say , your message will be reach to Shri Rajeev Dikshit . Life of Shri Rajeev Dikshit is devoted for the service of people of India . So , write contact us of protect your freedom is good way to send to talk to your great leader and speaker Shri Rajiv Dikshit .


  1. I am great admirer of Shri Rajivji`s idealogies. I came across his views 11 years ago at the very important juncture of our child`s life . It was the time when we had to admit our child to the school and medium was the issue.The society said English medium.My conscious was opting for mother tongue but Shri Rajivji`s thoughts endorsed our decision and we admited him to a marathi school. Let me tell you proudly seeing to the sufferings of the child and the parents of the English medium schools Till now we never regretted on our decision but are grateful to the almighty God for aiding us [In the form of Rajivji]to take a right decision.I completed my education in English. I am the sufferor as I every time felt that I would have been a more affluent person had I learnt in My mother tongue.My husband learnt in Marathi medium and is enjoying a successful career in his field.
    Thank You

    Smt Vaishali

  2. Dear Madhuri , My thinking is also same . Shri Rajiv dikshit is great supporter of Mother tongue and we should follow his revolutionary thoughts regarding learning in mother tongue . Of course Hindi and other India languages are better than English and we should teach our children in their own mother tongue . There is no relationship between English and intelligency . Thanks for passing comment on protect your freedom

  3. Madhurijee,

    I appreciate your decision and every Indian must to it.


    Rakesh Chandra

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