May 31, 2008

Thruthness of WTO AGREEMENT

Indian Govt. signed an agreement on 15dec. 1994. We got 10 years grace period .This time has lapped on 15 th dec. 2004 .All these condition will apply on India after 1 Jan 2005 .On this condition govt of India will work . There will no rule of your parliament but it will work on GATT or WTO agreements rules and regulations .GATT agreement is approximately 576 pages .There are 2000 conditions in this agreement. These conditions are in different chapter basic division .There are approximately 28 chapters in this agreement book .There are different names of different lesson suppose name of one lesson is agreement of agriculture. Other lesson name is agreement of trips (trade related intellectual property rights.)Other lesson name is agreement on services. You must apply all 2000 condition of this agreement not some part of these agreement. Indian super hero Rajiv Dikshit
Ajadi bachao andolen
This is very bad condition .If you do not apply any one condition it means you are applying whole GATT. Agreement. Then, I am telling you WTO‘s dangerous conditions.
1. Most dangerous condition is related to farmers. There are more than 50 conditions related to agreement on agriculture .After applying this agreement, Indian govt. must stop all helps and assistance to Indian farmers. This will be very harmful for Indian farmers. For opposing WTO agreement is very simple, you will not buy any product of any foreign company for your domestic or business use. I am also advising you to use our natural manure and do not use urea chemical manure.

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