February 17, 2010

Working In MNCs Having Slavery or Not

Before joining in MNC every Indian thinks about this. Working in MNCs is slavery. Why, reason is easy to explain. Now, let me explain:

# To Sell the Zero Technology Product :-

90% products which are being sold by MNCs in India are zero technology products. If you will appoint to sell these and if you are receiving high pay, you will have to work under pressure to increase of sale of these zero technology and zero quality products and your life become like slave.

# Monopoly Creators

MNCs main motive are to create monopoly in India. After this, all India Company will stop to work and you will ultimately work only in MNCs means slavery of job. Did you understand what I am saying. If there is monopoly in market, then it means employee will become only slave and slavery system will start.

# Remember the 200 years Slavery of India

Are you going to interview for job in MNCs. Before joining MNCs remember 200 years slavery. A single MNC named East India Company had come India and India had become slave 200 years.

So, decision is in your hand. I can only give you advice.

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