June 10, 2009

How did UK rob to African people in the slavery period ?

Africa is the richest country in the world in his natural resources . It is true that Africa has not matrial money but from natural resources , even after 450 slavery period of UK . I often read the history of Africa and the history of India , and I found that if UK had done cruelty 1% in India before independence , then UK had done cruelty 1000 time of Indian % of cruelty . English people rob the gold and silver and took it to his country but they could not destruct Indian castes and culture from its roots . They could not destruct Indian civilization . But English people had succeeded to destruct all the civilization and culture of Africa . pre - 400 years castes and culture of Africa is fully destructed . What you are seeing in Africa , this is English and Western culture , African culture and language is totally destructed . How is sad matter because Africa is only continent in the world who had more than 25 languages and more than 1000 tongue different countries . There is deep relation ship between India . Relationship between India and South Africa is about 3000 years old . Before 400 years , Africa is no. one country who purchased the clothes of India . It also purchased seeds from India . Africa provided us Gold in the consideration of above export . So , relationship between India and Africa is 3000 years old on the basis of trade , technology and education . But In 16th century , UK's English person's eyes went on Africa . They robbed tonnes of Gold from Africa and sent it to their country and made slave to Africa .

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