July 21, 2009

Meaning of " Sarfroshi Ki Tamana " in simple english

" Sarfroshi Ki Tamana Abb Hamara Dil main hai ,
Dekhna hai jor kitna katla baju main hai "

This was the share which was often sung by Great Freedom Fighter Ram Parsad Bismil . I try to tell you its meaning in simple meaning in English language .

Dear Motherland ,

We are ready for giving our body , mind and money for the freedom of our country . It is our desire that our death is for our country . Martyrdom for country is our pride. We will not fear from hanging by rope because death for motherland is best gift for us . We also want to give challenge to English Govt. what can he do . He can give us the punishment of death . But we do not fear from death . We also know all English govt. who is ruling in India , are Butcher . We want to see his power who is ruling on us .

Two lines of this share can create great power in Any India , So learn it and remember it by saying daily . With this we can remember our freedom fighters .

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