August 29, 2009

Side effects of Allopathic medicine

Rajiv Dikshit has speeched on the topic of side effect of Allopathic medicine . He spoke that India needs only 177 necessary allopathic medicine for removing dangerous deseases according to the report of Hathi Commission . But in 2009 data is saying that in India 84000 allopathic medicine are being sold by maltinational companies which are 100% ban in all other countries . These medicines are very harmful for human being . By consuming these medicine , human being can face the problem of liver . It injures our nervous system also . In these medicines , anagen, cerivastatin, droperidol, furazolidone, lynestrenol, nitrofurazone, phenformin, phenolphthalein, phenylbutazone, piperazine, quiniodochlor can be included . These are poison , and if you want to die fastly eat them and enjoy .

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