October 4, 2009

Was the Way of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Good ?

Many people have doubts that was the way of fighting of Shaheed Bhagat good ? Independence's main source is revolution and revolution can only exist after martyrdom of any great revolutionary .

When any body gives martyr , then new generation awake and understand the value of this martyrdom which is given for them .

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was so great . He realized to whole world that we have power to defeat every body who want to make us slave . We never fear from death . Before some days of his martyrdom , he said that why are you wasting time . Kill us with your gun shoot . So, that next generation will understand that what can we do for our motherland . He was farsighted personality . He knew that without awareness of general people , we can not win the fight against the English people . So , Bhagat Singh had thrown bomb in blank space of assembly and got death by hanging on 23rd march 1931 just at age of 23.

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