November 23, 2009

Message of Vaishali

One of the subscriber of Protect your freedom has express her view regarding old post of " Registeration of New Member of Protect Your Freedom "

In his own words

Respected Sir,

Its highly appreciating that at such a young age there are youth who follow thew path led by swamiji.We as Bhartiya should be proud to have legendaries like Swami vivekanand.
                                                                    Sou. vaishali.


As writer , I have given the answer

Dear Vaishali

Namasta ,

                       I think many of us have doubt that new technology like internet will change our culture and we will forget our old spiritual culture . But after coming new technology . More and more Indians are linking with indian culture deeply and flow of indian spirituality is going into western countries .

So , We should encourage by every media to love India that is our mother land and all great personality  like Swami Vivekananda  other should be uplift via technology . My blog is fully tribute to all great personalities . Every one even children can also become the member of protect your freedom.

Thanks for talking and expressing your views


Vinod Kumar

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