February 14, 2010

Rajiv Dixit on WTO and GATT

In the following videos Shri Rajiv Dixit has explained truth of WTO and GATT. According to Rajiv Dikshit,

" I have read full book of WTO agreement and GATT. In this book, there are large number of conditions for trading by Indians. Most harmful effect of this agreement is on agricultural sector.  This agreement is new tool to support MNC to trade in India. There are also side-effects of this agreement which Rajiv ji explains in following videos. So, all True Indians should opposed this agreement."

It is very sad, Google Inc.'s ( which is doing online business in India) one product Youtube has removed  some of these Videos  due to terms of use violation. But some of videos can still view. I have embeded all these videos here

WTO agreement and GATT - Part one

WTO agreement and GATT - Part Second

WTO agreement and GATT - Part Third

WTO agreement and GATT - Part Fourth

WTO agreement and GATT - Part Fifth

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