February 16, 2010

Think For your Nation and Do Something

It is the duty of every Indian to think for nation and do something. Now main question is that what we should think for our nation. After this, we can do something for this. There are many problems which are in the front of India as challenge. One of these problems is the security issue of India. India is living in silence even after large numbers of terrorist activities have been done by ISI and neighboring countries like Pakistan and China. Every time, when we give the hand of friendship, we defeated because, a large number of terrorist activities are continuing working. Now all Indian should think only to only the issue of security of India.

If we are enjoying in our homes with our family and border of India is insecure, then it may possible that we will not live secure in our own homes. Think about this. We should also think of all the people who are killing in this violence. They are also our brothers, sisters and parents and children. What are their defaults? There default is only that they are Indians and they are living on the border area. Imagine, you are living the city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, then if someone of your family was killed in previous terror activities what will happen on you.

We can easily close this thinking just saying to our minds that we are safe in northern or southern cities, why should we waste our time to think about this. But this is not waste the time. Every movement, you will spend to think about this issue. You will surely also make solution to solve this problem. Only after getting solution, you can do something for your country.

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