April 7, 2008



Point 1

Dishonest industrialists, scandalous politicians and corrupt officers have deposited in their illegal personal accounts the huge sum of about US$ 1000 Billion which have been misappropriated by them creating scandals and by corruption. This amount is about 13 times larger than foreign debt. This amount is such a big amount that from it 45 crores of poor people can get Rs. 100000/- each. This huge amount has been collected really from the people of India by exploiting the people of India and by betraying people of India. So really this entire amount belongs to the people of India. So all such property kept in to Foreign Banks must be declared as National property and it should be brought back in India. And for keeping such property in foreign banks illegally, all dishonest industrialists and merchants, scandalous politicians and corrupt officers must be punished at least for 10 years imprisonment to capital punishment. The function of declaring such property lying in to foreign banks illegally as the national property can be done in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha only by making law. Government will not do this such law until there is heavy pressure on the Government from every corner of the country to make such law because those who have collected such illegal money and kept into foreign banks are themselves sitting in the parliament and in the Government. However, any autocrate Government has to yield to the heavy pressure of public opinion. Azadi Bachao Andolan is actively endeavoring to create such heavy pressure of public opinion to make such law. Once general public can understand the necessity of such law the best opportunity to create heavy pressure on Government is always at the time of elections.

Point 2

People should declare not to vote for any candidate who does not promise in writing to make such law if elected in the parliament. If atmosphere is created every political party and every candidate of every political party will have to promise to make such law. Once all the candidates committed to make such law are elected in the parliament, such law to bring back all foreign money by declaring national property will become a reality.

Point 3

Once such law is enacted and passed by the parliament, all such property kept illegally in foreign banks as personal and private property will become national property. As per the rules of foreign banks, they can not keep national property. They can keep only personal property. As soon as such illegal personal properties are declared as national properties, the foreign banks have no other way except to return it to the Government of India.

Point 4

Once this huge amount of black illegal money and property comes back to India, entire foreign debt can be repaid immediately in 24 hours only. After paying entire foreign debt, we will have surplus amount almost 12 times larger than the foreign debts. If this surplus amount is invested in earning interest, the amount of interest will be more than the annual budget of the Central Government. So even though all the taxes are totally abolished, then also Central Government will be able to maintain their extravagant expenses and huge wastage of money as being done since last 50 years.

Point 5

But we do not want to continue the extravagant expenses and huge wastage of the Government. We want to stop it. The above argument is just to give the idea how huge amount our dishonest leaders, politicians, cricketers, film makers, administrators and rich persons have looted our country and to what extent they have accumulated the wealth. In fact, due to such a huge malpractice and exploitation, our 45 crores of people are dying of starvation. In fact, all these wealth belongs to such poor people from whom the wealth has gone to dishonest upper class of the society i.e. politicians, bureaucrats, cricketers, film makers etc. So legally and morally, both the ways, this entire wealth belongs to the people of India and so it is a national property. So to get it back from foreign countries, foreign banks strong movement is essential.

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