May 11, 2009

India is gold bird, and always will be

In the ancient citizens of India did hard work and the result in the form prosperity. This self-India national secretary of the Trust and lively speaker Rajiv Dixit, Agarwal said in the auditorium of the building society.

A powerful nation - building on the contribution of the citizens speak Dikshit said, the irony is that the country's prime minister, sitting in key positions such as Finance India, thousands of years is called a country of poor people. Guru Dharam told them that the country of poverty, hunger and hardships that are afflicted with can not live a thousand years.

Once I asked dad Morari from thousands of years Ramktha is being said and heard and still hear people say the number is decreasing instead of increasing. Morari said dad say in our country and the existing culture and to hear the result of it is this. During the program Surat Maheshwari House District, the Youth Council Terapanth, Gujarat Vaishya Conference Pradesh, Rajasthan Youth Association, English literature and society, Saurabh Agarwal, many people were present from Jude. Written by foreign historians William divided into three parts Digbi the history of India is written in the beginning of India is a country of everlasting sleep. Asset flows like water here. The world's wealth is stored here. The only country that sells nothing but buys. Arnold Toybi addition, the Nikins including historians of India's prosperity has been like this chant. According to the British Rekards three thousand years until the 18th century, India was the best country exporters. Gold does not arise here, but instead of the export quantity of gold was Akut. 23 thousand 780 in the 18th century temple was Swarnnirmit. One metric tonne to 10 tonnes of gold was. Surat real gold statue East India Company its first guest Devo Have a long: the reduction in the face Jden your son-in-law. The mansion is located Chaukbajar a symbol of slavery. Akut the money to the traders - had property. Gram as a pile of gold coins have lived. Five thousand such merchant ships were those who were Sakdon. Daudi's house arrived in a foreign businessman Whora the historian kept his gold coins put his idea of the pile to see the quantity is 51 metric tonnes.

Mahmood in Somnath Gajnvi to the looting had started the year seventeen hundred and seventeen and a ship full of gold was taken. India built the prosperity of textile, iron and especially from Inton was. Need to remember the martyrdom 7 in the country to independence, the freedom struggle of the revolutionary life of 32 thousand million Ahuti is met. Remember to keep your testimony to their future can be improved and decorated. Sade in the country four thousand foreign companies are active in India, which sells such products, which we are producing.

Annual profits of these companies of two and a half to three thousand per cent figures are. Governments are Jodti poverty of the population. After independence, the number of poor in the country today that four million transcend 84 million have been made.

The population in the country three times Bdi, but poverty has reached 21 per cent. In the country of corruption and plunder is. Nirogi formula to be ten Dudte actions through the environment in general always a recipe to be too Nirogi Dixit, Rajiv Agarwal on Sunday in the building society has. Dikshit said that a man Wat, bile and phlegm always take care of the disease can not even touch it. Maharshi Ayurveda ज्ञाता ten Bagbhatt regular follow such a formula, which tells not only of life but also keeps the disease is increscent.

At the end of these foods do not drink water, food residue in the afternoon and night after the intake of milk, equal to the number of teeth in the mouth of food Cbaan the grass, milk, buttermilk, juice, water sip - sip drink, always under the water sit and drink, not drink cold water, food and rest in the afternoon after the night Thle course, one - not to eat other things and anti-salt not take with milk.

Besides making food at home housewife sunlight and air to take care of a special touch. These two should get the food.

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