May 9, 2009

Agriculture policy of Indian banks - Truth and Facts

At the time of independence , production of wheat was 4 crore metric tonnes and it has increased at reached at 21 crore metric tonnes after 62 years of independence . But It is very sad news that availability per person wheat is half than at the time of independence .

Suppose at the time of independence , wheat was available 300 kg in a year . But wheat of 150 kg is not available per person after 62 years of independence . Today 20 crores peoples are living without eating food in india . People of 20 crores have no money to buy food and eat it .So , they are sleeping without food . English persons did same work before independence .
They had made policy that Indian people only live to mouth . And after independence Indian govt. is applying same policy . You know a very bad word in English which came in British Parliament in debate that is " miyar substance " . It means leave Indian people just live to mouth . This order was given by British Parliament to British govt .
One English person asked why should we live indian farmers as miyar substance . Then prime minister of British govt said in Parliament that This is the Indian farmer who fights with British govt . if he will become rich he will fight with high power with British govt .So, he must be poor only . After this Indian can become all time slave .
This was the policy of english persons . After 62 years of independence same agriculture policy of Indian govt . and banks in India . I have studied banks in India and I got data that all saving of banks got from Indian village farmer . Total saving's 77% came from Indian village farmers and only 2% loan is given to Indian farmers how sad story this is .
Banks are providing this 75% money to other mnc . So , same policy of English peoples are adopting by banks in India.

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