May 3, 2009

What is patriotism ?

Patriotism means devotion for own motherland and if we seriously think on this word , we get high meaning of this word . If I love my country , it means I am patriot and this feeling is called patriotism but If we open our brain and then think , after this we find that patriotism is not just love own country but it is respect of all countries and there freedom . If person wants freedom of his country but also want to make slave other country , In my sense he is not patriot and this is not patriotism . Every patriotic loves his country but also support whole world freedom policy . Actually patriotism is the voice of every person and it is real devotion of mankind . There are many works which is done by a patriotic like

1. works regarding revolutionary movements

2. criticize slavery

3. co-ordination and awareness about patriotism among general people by different ways .

In 1990-1992 first survey was conducted relating to patriotism with question
" Are you proud to be ( insert nationality) ?

Fro m 1- 4 score India got only 3.67 score and got third position but irland got first postion with 3.74 scores and usa in second position with 3.73 score .
So , we should increase this score when every Indian will se

Yes I am proud to be Indian ( हां , मुझे गर्व है कि मैं भारतीय हुं )

Vanda matram

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