July 25, 2009

Why does India need patriotism today ?

Next month , we are celebrating the 60 th Independence Day . India became independent in 15 August 2009 . From that date , every year , we celebrate this day as India Independence Day . We feel happy on this day . These day , patriotism among young is reducing . There may be many reasons . But , I am seeing on biggest reason that is greed and the greed is capturing every Indian and for satisfying this greed every Indian is selling their country to foreigners .
You can take today Times of India news
" 'Second-hand' Gorshkov costlier than new warship: CAG "
Indian NAVI has purchased scrap Russian-built aircraf at very high cost . Indian NAVI has paid 60% more than its original value . The report of Comptroller and Audit General is clearly giving hint that it may be high fraud in the dealing . So This may be the time to come in a lot of rigging scandal too big to know.
Patriotism can create a sense of need for fallowing India not money . After this we can protect our country .

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