April 7, 2008


Present Governments have become anti people, terrorist in real sense and Governments have become instruments for exploiting common masses heavily. In present democratic system, peoples desire is never reflected and spirit of Constitution is never seen anywhere in the administration of the Government. On the contrary there are hundreds of big big scandals and huge amount of money collected from hundred crores of people are grossly misused. Hundred crores of people are helplessly looking the naked dance of the Governments. After the experience of 50 years of so called democracy, it has become clear now that present constitution has completely failed in satisfying the expectations of the people. So it has become absolutely essential to impose heavy restrictions on Governments to curb the misuse of powers vested in the Governments. No doubt the Constitution has to be redrafted to decentralize all political powers to grass root level. This subject is very much complex and writing a separate book is necessary for new constitution. But after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusions that separate chapter on RESTRICTIONS ON GOVERNMENT should be introduced in the constitution so that all the provisions of such restrictions should be constitutional provisions. Then only misuse of political and executive powers of the Governments resulting into poverty and slavery of the hundred crores of the people can be stopped. The following restrictions are absolutely necessary.
No any law or Act passed by the parliament or state legislature or district authority will be effective in any village unless it is ratified by the concerned GRAM SABHA of that village. [At present IAS officers sitting in New Delhi having no any knowledge of economic and social conditions of the villages prepare the bill and put it into parliament and it becomes law. As a result entire public of hundred crores of people suffers harassment of such laws. It is essential to stop this activity. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government can impose any tax, directly or indirectly on agricultural commodities and on production or sale or movement of the essential commodities related to the basic needs of the people. [At present, there are heavy taxes on agricultural commodities and also on basic needs of people. These taxes evidently result into increase of poverty. So any Government should not have any power to impose any tax which may result in increasing the poverty. Central Excise imposed on sugar factories ultimately result into increase of sugar prices or decrease of sugarcane prices to the farmers. Present rate of Central Excise duty on sugar factories are actually passed on to farmers of sugarcane which becomes about Rs. 15000/- per acre of sugarcane. So government should not have any right to impose such taxes.]
No Government can spend on administration of the Government including salaries, emoluments, amenities, travelling, vehicles, welfare of the employees, housing etc., the amount more than 5% of the annual budget. [At present major part of the tax revenue of all the Governments is spent after salaries and amenities of the government servants. All these income of the Governments are derived by robbing the people legally by heavy taxation. Standard of living of government servants and officers are far higher than common masses of India. So Governments are exploiting common masses and poor people and they support and strengthen the vested interest of the Government servants. This drama is going on in the name of development. And development is really done for vested interest only. So this restriction is absolutely necessary.]
No Government can form all India services or State level services for employees. [At present IAS officers have become all in all. In present system, on all the higher posts, only IAS officers are appointed no matter many cleverer and better people are available than IAS officers. All these vested interests must be abolished. IAS officers have administered the entire nation so badly that poverty has increased many fold and country has become slave and democracy has not developed at all. So IAS officers have no right to claim to preserve their vested interests.]
No Government can appoint any employee for more than 3 years at a time. [Nothing is permanent in this world. Life of any person is not permanent. The world is changing at every moment. So Government employees should not be permanent. By making the permanent posts, vested interests of Government employees are created and real work of the people suffers heavily. So there should not be any appointment for more than 3 years. If the Government employee works satisfactorily, he will get reappointment at every 3 years. To remove the corrupt and lazy employees from the administration, this restriction is absolutely necessary.]
No Government can provide for provident fund, pension etc for any employee or any public servant. [Gandhiji has specifically mentioned that in any scheme where salary may go on increasing constantly and after retirement, provident fund and pension is provided, common people are heavily unjustified and hence such vested interest must be abolished.]
No Government can pay total monthly salary including all emoluments more than Rs. 20000/- to any person or public servant, appointed or elected. [At present salaries and emoluments of Government officers are sky touching. There must be ceiling on salaries. It should not be forgotten that 50 crores of people of India are suffering from hunger. No body has right to enjoy big salaries and emoluments at the cost of these poor people.]
No Government can make any scheme to provide houses to the employees of the Government. [At present, Government employees are allotted big and spacious houses at the cost of poor people. Special colonies are constructed for the Government servants. Not only this, but complete cities for Government servants competing to the paradise like Gandhinagar are constructed by snatching away the land from poor farmers and by spending crores of rupees collected from poor people. All these things are going on at the cost of poor people. Such schemes of providing houses to the Government servants create the feeling that Government servants are higher than public and they live separately away from the public. They do not mix with the public people. They learn to neglect the public people. So providing houses to the Government servants creates vested interest for Government servants and hence it is a very big evil and it must be stopped immediately. In fact, Government servants must live among the common people. They should live in common houses where common people live. They should not have special privileges. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government can make any scheme of benefits specially for the employees of the Government. [This is self explanatory. In city like Gandhinagar, only Government servants are specially allotted very costly land plots of high market value at very nominal cost. Such vested interest must be abolished.]
No Government will pay salary to any person with all allowances more than 100 times the average income of the poorest 20% of the people of India. [Disparity is increasing tremendously. So at least crores of rupees collected from poor people should not be spent on very high salaries. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government can act against Directive Principles of State Policy which will be renamed as COMPULSARY COMMANDS TO THE GOVERNMENTS. [At present, all the Governments are openly violating directive principles of State Policy and thus constitutional provisions have been proved to be completely blunt and useless. Because no body can challenge the Government as per the present constitutional provision. So this restriction is absolutely necessary so that if Government does not obey "compulsory commands to the Government", every citizen has right to challenge the Government to oust it legally.]
No Government can take any decision on any important matter having far reaching consequences on the life of the people except otherwise by taking referendum of the people by secret ballot poll. [At present Government take decision without taking into confidence even parliament. Government has become member of WTO by betraying 100 crores of people and Government is protecting and encouraging interests of foreign companies at the cost of our country. Thus the Government is virtually selling the country and making the country slave. But Government has not to ask or take permission of anybody even in selling the entire country. This is not tolerable. So above restriction is absolutely necessary.]
No Government can sign any international treaty unless the draft of the treaty has been ratified by 80% of state legislatures, by parliament and also by atleast any 200 districts Panchayats of the nation. [At least this much restriction is essential for any international treaty.]
No Government can acquire any agricultural land from any farmer unless it is ratified by the concerned GRAM SABHA unanimously. [At present, Government snatches away agricultural land from any farmer being cultivated by many generations for any trifle reason. This is negation of Swaraj. So this restriction is absolutely necessary.]
No Government can acquire any GAUCHAR land, waste land, forest land etc. from any village without the express consent of the concerned GRAM SABHA unanimously. [Such a restriction is natural for a real Swaraj. Government officers allot such GAUCHAR land to big industries by taking corruption from big industries without even informing to the concerned village. This is not tolerable So such restriction is necessary.]
No Government can impose any restrictions on Fundamental Rights.
Explanations (i) Nothing will prevent the Government to impose reasonable ceiling on property in cities. (ii) Nothing will prevent the GRAM SABHA to impose the ceiling on or acquire the agricultural land held by the villagers not living in the village. [This is self explanatory]
No Government can make any devaluation of Indian rupee against any currency of the world. [The present world level conspirators such as WTO, World Bank, IMF etc. are playing their game of conspiracy by forcing every country to devaluate their currency. We should not be victim of such conspiracy game. So to protect our country from such conspirators, this restriction is absolutely essential.]
No Government can obtain any loan or raise any debt from foreign country or international organization. [At present ministers of Government obtain the loan from foreign country which they have not to pay, but people of India have to pay with heavy interest. Such a provision is suicidal for people of India. I will not agree if my neighbour can borrow money on my behalf without asking me and spend as per his desire and I have to pay money with interest. This is a clear slavery. So our ministers should not have any right to borrow money and spend as per their own desire without asking 100 crores of people.]
No any Central or State Government shall allow for Incorporation, regulation and winding up of trading corporations, including banking, insurance and financial corporations. [We have large population and employment should be given to all. So business of trading activity should be of family size only. So such big companies should not be allowed. Only associations of co-operatives of small businesses should be allowed. Banks also should be independent Banks at local level or for Taluka only. Big is always dangerous and exploits the people. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government can make any law facilitating the misuse of broadcasting media in favour of multinational companies and indigenous big companies to build or divert public opinion in favour of their business interests. [This is self explanatory.]
No Government can allow or accept to allow to advertise on broadcasting media by multinational companies and big indigenous companies about their products. [At present multi national companies are advertising their products with completely false advertisements and they divert and built the opinion of the public in the favour of their interests. This is dangerous for our country. So this restriction is essential.]
No Government shall allow any foreign Bank to operate in India except to open one or two branches.
No Central or State government shall restrict in any form for registration and operation of small scale level banking or insurance business. [If such restriction is removed, decentralized banking business will develop in rural areas, towns and districts. This will be healthy development. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government shall allow any foreign Insurance Co. to operate in India. [We are quite competent to run insurance business. The foreign insurance companies introduce insurance menia in every person and create the mentality as if person can not live without insurance. By creating such mentality, they heavily exploit the common masses as it happens in Europe and USA. Our Indian people are comparatively free from insurance menia and spend a very little for various insurance. This is healthy attitude and it should be protected. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government shall allow to operate speculative future markets. [This is self explanatory.]
No Government shall allow international companies or international trading in stock exchanges. [The world has seen many times the conspiracies of capital flights and abruptly breaking the economy of many countries. Our country is destined to break similarly. So to safe guard our country from conspirators, this restriction is necessary.]
No Government shall allow any patent right in any form for any invention or discovery. [Knowledge is given by God. It can not be made monopoly of a single person. One who lives in the world should keep his knowledge open for the world. So this restriction is necessary.]
No any Government shall allow exhibition of cinematography in any district unless it is approved by the competent committee of women in that district that it is not having any scene insulting to women or damaging the culture of India. [The present day cinemas and TV serials have damaged our culture heavily. So this restriction is necessary.]
No Government can raise, make or allow lotteries in any form.
No Government shall allow to facilitate the spreading of tobacco. [In fact, it should be banned immediately.]
No any Government shall consider contempt of court as offence. [This provision was made by English rulers to keep our people supressed. In real swaraj this is not necessary.]
No Government shall allow Cultivation, manufacture, and sale of opium in India or for export.

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