July 12, 2008

Terrorism in the world

There is violence , bloodshed and unrest in every age and in every country .Sometimes , there is hot war and sometimes there is cold war among the countries and the nations . Tensions prevails in many regions due to border disputes political problems , religious conflicts and even struggle for supremacy. Every country wants peace and brother hood and protests against war preparations by others. But super powers are always busy in selling their weapons to the poor and under developed countries .
Moreover, Indian ocean is a battle ground of big powers. It has lot of population and natural resources like oil , uranium and others the Western powers said that peace cannot return to Indian ocean unless soviet forces go out from the Afghanistan . All the peace loving countries are working to bring about peace and happiness in the region . Above all , Sikh terrorists and militant persons are creating problems in Punjab state of the India. Tamil terrorists are creating problems for the shri lanka government .
Similarly , a great war started between Iran and Iraq on sept. 22,1980 . There is a loss of life and property . The latest repart said that one million people have been killed .
It is hoped that this dreadful war will come to an end in the near future . But it seems war will go on in the name of religion.
Lebanon is a land of bloodshed and problems . In Jan. 1976 Muslims and Syrians reached an agreement providing for 50-50 Christian and Muslims representation in the parliament . The u.n. called upon Israel to withdraw from Lebanon. But Israel did not accept this resolutions. Beirut and other area of the country has been destroyed by bombing .
Palestinians problem has taken a serious turn . There are common clashes Palestinians and the Israelis. Vietnam brings disgrace to u.s. lot of people have been killed in the country .

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