August 10, 2008

Protect your life

Today, in the environment of pollution, it is very necessary to protect our life. Because with protecting our life, we can not protect our freedom. Because our health is our real freedom. Good environment is very necessary for living long. Today, the age of every person has reduced due to pollution and other problem. Moreover we do not live healthy in this period. Why? Why?
Ans is simple that we do not live under the natural control. If we start to live according to natural rules and regulation, then our age will increase. Different type of disease can be stopped by changing our life style. Just use my tips for changing your life.

  1. Plant some tree in your kitchen garden.
  2. Always avoid Air conditioner because this is very harmful because these ac reduces your capacity to tolerate different temperature.
  3. Take some morning and evening walk in any park in your city. Avoid standing in any crowded and polluted area

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