August 11, 2008

10 Ways of protection of freedom

Always think positive, why you think that you are working in jail, you should free from your bad thinking.
Give help to other for making them financial independent
Control over your unlimited desires
Surrender yourself in foot of God.
Do not make slave to other if you want to the protection of freedom
Always think that freedom is the right of every being not only human being but also other birds, animals and other living being should be free in this word.
Become the lover of freedom, you aim is to safe your country from internal and external enemies.
Read the history of all world freedom fighters that loved and martyred for his country.
After remembering, you will not forget your way and always walk in the correct way of protecting your country.
In last , Simplest way for protecting is use only domestic produced Goods . Suppose I live in India so I should use all products which is produced by Indian domestic person . With this I can give financial independence to my own brothers of country second we give employment so that they can live independently and without any dependence.

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