April 7, 2008


Certainly these are the taxes of slavery. If any person establishes a small factory, produces goods, generates employment, generates wealth etc, certainly this is desirable. Country becomes stronger and people become happy with such activities. But English people did not like it because they wanted to sell in India the goods produced in England and thus they wanted to accumulate wealth and take it to England. So they did not want any manufacturing activity in India. So they imposed heavy tax and severe insultive restrictions to stop manufacturing activity in India. This tax is called Central Excise. Gandhiji marched from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi and exercised Satyagrah to produce salt. This was done to break this Central Excise Act. But unfortunately, all the Governments after independence imposed heavy Central Excise on each and every item of manufacturing and consequently Government has tightly bound the entire country into jaws of slavery. So it is clear that Government ruling the country is not the Government of the people but it is the Government working for the interests of foreign vested interests. Similarly, political and administrative structure is not working in the interest of people of India. But the entire structure of administration has been erected for protecting British rule in India and to subject the people of India. So it is extremely essential to destroy this structure and erect new structure suitable for our country. So Azadi Bachao Andolan envisages to abolish all the taxes such a Central Excise, Sales Tax, Octroi etc.
It is worth understanding what is the effect on our country of such taxes. Central excise is the tax on production. If any person desires to produce anything and if he desires to set up a small factory, the Government imposes heavy restrictions as if that person is making very big offence. In fact, Government officers have real control on such factory. If some item is to be brought to the factory or some item is taken out from the factory, factory owner can not do it without the written permission from the Government officer. In fact, person can not run the factory without undergoing the slavery of Government officer. Government officer has so much powers that he can harass the owner of the factory and send him to the jail and he can fine of lakhs of rupees completely wrongly without any fault. Factory owner can not do anything to the Central Excise officer eventhough he harasses to the factory owner by grossly misusing his powers. So factory owner can live only under the mercy of Central Excise officer. If Central Excise officer goes against him, the factory owner has to be prepared to lose his life. In this condition only, all big factories of India are running. But big factories earn big profits also. From this big profits, factory owners have to please Central Excise officers. This means that Central Excise officers extract crores of such illegal money from factory owners and perhaps share of such extorted amount is distributed upto Ministers. In every administration, some honest officers are always there. But it is exception.
This Central Excise Act earns about Rs. 35000 crores to the Government which is written in the books of account. But the amount of the crores of rupees which is robed by central excise officers from factory owners is not accounted anywhere. Let us assume that this amount is 5000 crores of rupees. So total some of Rs. 40000 crore is paid by the factory owners which is added in the cost of production. So ultimately this entire amount is passed on to the people who purchase the goods produced in the factories. So naturally goods become costlier. The Government has imposed heavy central excise on primary needs of the people such as sugar, tea, shoes, cloth etc. of course under the excuse of development for poor people. Whether really poor people are benefited or not, we can easily understand. Due to such taxes public at large suffers heavily by price rise and factory owners suffer severe harassment and slavery. Factory owners can live in slavery by mortgaging their self respect due to greed of money. Central excise officers, being in autocratic position, grossly misuse their powers and accumulate lot of money.
One more result of this central excise tax is that one who desires to protect his self respect, one who does not want to become slave of Government officers, one who wants to live simply with honesty, the only way left to him is to refrain from the factory or production item where central excise is applicable. So only way for such people is not to establish or run such factory. So lakhs of honest industrious and self respectful engineers, technicians, industrialist and people with initiative have to be complacent with a small manufacturing business and they have to avoid the slavery of central excise officers at any cost. So they do not expand business even though they have capacity to do. One who goes under the Central Excise Act, has to compromise with the honesty, compromise with the self respect and has to accept slavery. No outsider person can understand what is the slavery of Central Excise unless he has suffered it. Common people have no slightest idea of this slavery. During the last 50 years, the severity of this slavery has continued to increase constantly.
Mostly of the arguments about Central Excise is also applicable to Sales Tax. Due to Sales Tax, prices go up. Sales Tax has been imposed on almost every item. Anything you sell, you have to pay 5 to 10% sales tax which ultimately is passed on to the purchasers of the goods. Major income of tax revenue of every State Government is from Sales Tax. Gujarat Government earns about 9000 crores of rupees from sales tax. This much amount is added to the prices of the commodities. So dearness increases. This entire amount is paid by the public at large. Suppose you purchase edible oil tin of 15kg, it comes to your home after adding Rs. 40/- for sales tax. Sales tax has been imposed on every item. One main reason of price rise is such taxes of Government. This results into increasing the poverty. On the other hand, the entire sum collected by the Government is distributed for salaries of bureaucracy, to contractors and to industrialist. So 5% to 10% upper class becomes richer and 90% people become poorer. So Governments' main business is to increase disparity. This business of robbing 90% population and prospering 10% upper class is going on in the name of poors, in the name of removing the poverty, in the name of development which ultimately results into increasing the poverty. So all these taxes are blood sucking tools of common masses. So Azadi Bahcao Andolan cherishes to abolish all such taxes.

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