April 7, 2008


At present our country has become virtually slave of World Trade Organization (WTO). We should immediately cancel the agreement with WTO and we should immediately terminate the membership of WTO. Aazadi Bachao Andolan considers this matter of top most priority and of emergency importance. To become the member of WTO is synonymous and same as to become slave of WTO. Once we become the member of WTO, we become the slave of WTO. As soon as we become the member of WTO, we have ceased to be sovereign country because then our Government is nothing more than dancing doll as per the desire of WTO. Bills and laws to sell out the country are passed in our Parliament openly. The Government has already changed the Patent Act to facilitate the multinational companies to exploit the entire country as per their desire. Our Patent Act was safeguarding the interests of our people. Because of our Patent Act, prices of medicines in our country were lowermost throughout the world. The prices of the medicines in our country were so much low that a specific medicine which is available at the rate of Rs. 20 to 25 in foreign countries, it was available at only one Rupee in India. In spite of this much low prices of medicines, we made a tremendeous progress in producing medicines and drug industry in last 30 years. Before 30 years, our annual production of medicines was worth Rs. 70 crores which increased in last 30 years upto annual production of 14000 crores. Medicine manufacturing units increased upto 80000 units in which lakhs of people are working. Though prices of medicines are very low, quality of the medicines is so much high that they are able to export medicines worth Rs. 2000 crores every year.
In this way our medicine manufacturing industry was highly developed. But it pinched to multinational companies. So they pressed our slave Government to change the Patent Act in such a way that real rights of manufacturing all such medicines are handed over to multinational companies. Due to the new Patent Act, situation is created that nobody in our country can manufacture any such medicine without paying heavy royalty to multinational companies. This is nothing but accepting slavery of multinational companies. Now multinational companies can sell medicines at any higher price they desire. The direct result of this new Patent Act will be that the medicine which is available at one rupee today will be sold at Rs. 20 to 25 as is the case in foreign countries. So our common masses and general public will be fully exploited by multinational companies. They will take away all this heavy profit into their countries and our country will become poorer. This is the benefit of membership of WTO !
Medicine is only one commodity. There are hundreds of other commodities. Farmers will be ruined. Foreign grain pulses and milk have started being imported without any restrictions. In a very short time, crores of farmers will be ruined to starvation. Industries in our country are closing speedily. 8 crores of people have already lost their job and have become unemployed and have been thrown to starvation. Many such conspirations and conditions of slavery are being imposed on us one by one speedily. But still ministers of our slave Government are befooling the people that all these are the signs of development. People very well know that who is developing. Only 3% people comprising of traitors, fraudulent ministers, corrupt administrators and dishonest rich people are developing. 90% people are loosing heavily or becoming poorer. Reality is that all these politicians, bureaucrats and top industrialists are all corrupt and traitors and are betraying to our country. They have given free access to 4000 multinational companies to rob our country mercilessly and indiscriminately. All these multinational companies have come to our country by committing to pay heavy percentage of commission to corrupt politicians and administrators by way of sharing the amount of robbery they make in India. So it is very clear that our politicians, leaders and top bureaucrats are partners with multinational companies in robbing our country or atleast they are commission agent in this robbing business. This activity goes on openly in our country in the name of WTO and so called globalization, liberalization and development. Just recently, Mr. Fiddle Castro, President of Cuba, while addressing the international conference, specifically narrated that globalization and liberalization is worldwide conspiracy to rob the poor countries and all the leaders of poor countries participating in this conspiracy must be arrested and punished by establishing special summery trial courts as was done with Hitler. Shri Rajiv Dixit is also of the opinion that our about 500 corrupt leaders, if proved guilty of corruption should be hanged to death. Such statements give the idea to us to what extent and with what speed, our country is being sold out to multinational companies. The only way to come out from this situation is to terminate the membership of WTO immediately. Aazadi Bachao Andolan considers this matter very serious and hence movement is going on to collect one crore signatures in the memorandum addressed to Prime Minister requesting him to come out from WTO immediately. The purpose of this movement is that sufficient pressure of the public opinion will be created and Government will be compelled to yield to such pressure of the public opinion and thus Government will be compelled to go on the right path by canceling the membership of WTO. By chance, if Government does not yield to the pressure of the public opinion, Aazadi Bachao Andolan on behalf of one crore people, intends to go to the Supreme Court to cancel the membership of WTO and to save our country from the slavery of WTO and multinational companies.

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