May 23, 2009

Is Multinational Companies increasing Employment in India ?

Many economist and other politics favors multinational companies that it increase our capital , profit and technology and Indian employment . But if we see in deep it is not true . We all know that employment of Indian means Indian independence economically . But this independence is given by MNC to India , this is not true .
I have given one example
One foreign company bata came in India for making boots and shoes . Before it large number of domastic factories and labourer of India is already working in this industry . Bata monopolies on this industry and large number of cobbler became unemployed . Because Bata Company used advertising for making bata as brand name and foolish Indian started to buy the shoes of batta company under influence of advertising . They started to argue that Indian cobblers does not make good shoes . Now lakhs of customers in the hand of batta which used to buy from Indian cobblers and Indian cobblers got employment from them . Now they have started to repair only your shoes but before arriving bata company , they made your shoes .
One more example , one company came in India for making plastic glass of water before this large number of worker made mud glass for water . All 1.2 crores of workers who made mud glasses became unemployed due to coming mnc for making plastic glasses . Indian people started to drink water in these plastic glasses . After this mnc brought for use zero technology products like refrigerator , ac and coolers we started to use them and made our Indian unemployed .
foreign company came in India names are niyki and butterfly and these started to make redimate clothes and became all Indian tailers unemployed . Now problem is that new redimade shirt cost is less than the cost of making new shirt by Indian tailers . These redimate garments which are made by mnc or imported from china which are fully senthetic whose cost is less than cotton . So , crores of tailers are becoming unemployed due to MNC . One mnc company has started to make light maches box and made unemployed Indians who were working in this industry .
Today only 1% cotton clothes is sold by Indians and it provides employment to 15 lakh Indian peoples directly . I can calculate with direct formula if 100 % cotton clothes is sold by Indian , then 15 crore Indian people can get employment from cotton industry . But , it is not applicable due to every villagers are using and wearing synthetic clothes and mnc earning crores of profit from this business after making unemployment to Indian peoples . After coming of Hindustan lever , large number of Indian small scale industry who was making soap is fully destroyed . Many Indians thinks that in mnc products contains high quality but reality is that in these products there is nothing quality but there are many things are also harmful for health what they are making .
One mnc company is selling Colgate in India but in it a very harmful chemical added and its name is sodium fluoride sulphate , if you know chemistry read the meaning of sodium fluoride sulphate in dictionary , it meaning is poison . If only 0.54 milligram will go to human body , it can create cancer for human being and Colgate is made from this chemical . One more important information for you that it is sold in USA and Europe under written warning on the box of Colgate . They write sentences .
  1. "WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately."

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